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On Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 March the Danish Institute for Human Rights in Copenhagen hosted a meeting of the international expert working group established in September 2013 to elaborate a general comment on the right of public participation as an essential element of democracy, addressing the legislation and the practice in a number of countries.  The Working Group is composed of Boyko Boev, Senior Legal Officer, Article 19 (London), Janet Love, Commissioner of the South African Human Rights Commission, Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans, Executive Director, European Center for Non-for-Profit Law, Padma Radman, Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Randa Siniora, Commissioner of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Palestine, and myself.  The Secretariat is headed by Jakob Kirkemann Boesen, Director of the Department Freedoms and Civic Participation and by Lis Dundale, senior Advisor DIHR.  Here some photos of the fruitful meetings in which we discussed inter alia the new DIHR database, a checklist for genuine consultations, guidelines for public participation and a draft general comment to advance on the old General Comment Nr. 25 of the UN Human Rights Committee.  The working group will be convened again in September.

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