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On Saturday 19 July PEN International, Centre Suisse romand, held its summer outing at the Casino Restaurant in Rolle.  We spent a glorious afternoon reciting our own creations — poetry, short stories and essays. We were a small group, since lots of our members are already on vacation, but the quality of the performances made it more than worth while.  I launched this tradition back in 2008 as PEN President and we are still going strong. Alfred de Zayas Rolle6   Alfred de Zayas Rolle9 Alfred de Zayas Rolle10 Alfred de Zayas Rolle11 Alfred de Zayas Rolle12 AlfreddeZayas PEN5 AlfreddeZayas PEN2 AlfreddeZayas PEN3 AlfreddeZayas PEN4 AlfreddeZayas PEN6