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In rich, developed countries individualism, consumerism and materialism have gone so far that the sense of community and heritage have been lost. No wonder that young people who have received no values other than money-making and who have not been taught the role of ethics and solidarity in human affairs — are on the lookout for values such as loyalty, faith, a moral compass, the meaning of life. Alas, some of them think they have found these values in sects, fundamentalist religions or even djihads.  Hence it is up to us — conscious that the social fabric has been torn — to try to mend it by educating young people in spiritual values, instilling in them a sense of belonging and demonstrating that working together for the common good is reasonable — and that it also brings psychological satisfaction. There is added value in solidarity, in joint social ventures, in the beatitudes. Each one of us can and should take up the challenge.

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