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The 30th annual Geneva bookfair took place from wednesday 27 april to sunday 1 May.  As always, it was a big family event with lots of kids running around and many stands catering to them.

PEN Centre Suisse romand had its stand H873 not far from the “Place Suisse” and many of our authors came by to sign their books, meet friends, network. There is no comparison between reading online and having a nice book in your hands, feeling it, smelling it.  But the bookfair went by too fast — tempus fugit — or as Emperor Augustus used to say: Veliocius quam asparagi coquantur — as fast as cooking asparagus.

I particularly cherish the Dutch saying “met een bookje in een hoekje”, which also comes from the Latin “in angulo cum libro“.  — Happiness is indeed reading a good book!