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To think with equanimity:  One day I shall no longer be,

though fleetingly a person dear may still remember me.

It matters not:  Oblivion is a gentle peace.

The noise and bustle finally will cease.

Acquaintances and family will all be gone–

in timeless time undone.

The dance of death spares none:  the power-drunk

go down as hoary galleons sunk …


Hope lies in faith, in the continuum of the universe,

in poetry of life and death, an immense verse

of seasons, tides, capricious moods of mother Earth,

the smoothly interwoven cycles of new birth,

indulgent contrasts: sunrise after sunset, summer after spring,

repeating yin yang till our final fling.

Eternally the seas break on the shore,

blue skies, white clouds, storm winds uproar…

Leaves rustle in the woods, as birds chirp in the morn

songs heard by generations past – and soon by those unborn —

grey herons migrate as do swallows, waders, storks and swan,

whales voyage far to mate, lithe salmon brave wild streams to spawn.


Life is worth living – both in happiness and grief—

How special every moment is! – Prolonged or brief.

Be thankful for enthusiasm, feeling,

for the miracle of tasting, hearing, seeing.

Smile in silence when the hour to part arrives – soon it is here.

We bless the colours of all living things, eschew all fear.

We know: Love is the essence

of our mortal iridescence.