World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 21/12/16

Wednesday: Charity warns that Yemen is on the brink of collapse; new Israeli laws accused of unfairly targeting Palestinian workers; and, Paraguay’s constitutional battle creates unusual bedfellows.

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A new regulation issued by Israel’s justice ministry has been accused of unfairly targeting Palestinian workers. We hear from Adalah, a legal rights organisation for minorities in Israel.

Yemen is on the verge of collapse as poverty and disease, exacerbated by war and a lack of resources, have ravaged the country. That’s according to the charity Save the Children. We bring you reaction from the Yemeni capital of Sanna, from journalist on the ground, Hussain Albukhaiti.

Paraguay’s Presidential election isn’t due till twenty-eighteen, but we’ll be looking at why a desire for constitutional change, ending the current term limit — is making for some extremely unlikely bedfellows.

A new deal struck in Moscow between Turkey, Iran and Russia has seen the US and United Nations sidelined and could have potentially opened the door for a sustainable peace process in Syria. We ask Professor Alfred de Zayas, former UN official, what the absence of UN involvement in the so-called “Moscow Declaration” means for international diplomacy.

The European Union has delivered a major blow to the UK’s so-called snoopers charter, with the European Court of Justice today ruling that the powers demanded by the UK Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the bulk collection of communications data, are illegal.

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