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Multiculturalism must begin with knowledge of one’s own values, heritage, history and identity.  Only thus can we understand and appreciate other cultures.  The kind of enforced multiculturalism being promoted by some so-called “progressive” politicians and echoed by the mainstream media is something entirely different – it is the new culture of homologation through bullying and intimidation, a recipe for misanthropic negationism:  the denial of one’s identity, discarding one’s own culture as somehow obsolete, and the suggestion to replace it by n’importe quoi, often some transient fashion, “flavor of the month”, or worse, by submission to a new “faith”, which upon analysis may be a cop-out. a sect or a cult of nihilism. The only kind of multiculturalism that works is the multiculturalism of free peoples, e.g. in Switzerland, where 26 cantons are populated by urban and rural peoples speaking German, French, Italian and rheto-romanche, living side by side, each canton cultivating its own traditions while respecting the customs and practices of its neighbours. This multicultural society has had no problem welcoming Tamils, Serbs, Albanians, Kosovars, Êritreans — and helping them participate in Swiss traditions. The much praised American “melting pot” is not a success story of integration, but rather an enormous supermarket or consumer cooperative– a hybrid society of elite universities, widespread homelessness and trigger-happy cops.  It has produced Rock and Roll and  MacDo — but thus far no Beethoven in sight.