Wikipedia disinformation

The Spanish-language Wikipedia has an article “Alfred de Zayas”

that is undergoing an editing war, some users inputting false information and others trying to remove it. The section “Polemicas” is a caricature of the complex issues surrounding the Catalan referendum and the economic crisis in Venezuela. There is no attempt at balance or documentation to back up dubious allegations with reliable sources. There is even an insinuation that the independent expert is somehow anti-Semitic, although his publications clearly prove the contrary. The rules of Wikipedia stipulate that defamation of living persons is prohibited, but this does not prevent vandals from adding “fake news”, distorting the facts, and presenting only one side of the story.  Maybe someone should write to the administrators urging them to clean up the article and rely instead on the 14 reports of the independent expert and his dozens of press releases in

You can write to the administrator of the Wikipedia article on Alfred de Zayas in Spanish at:

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2 thoughts on “Wikipedia disinformation

  1. Perhaps lawsuits against Wikipedia for defamation, slander, libel, etc. are in order.

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  2. Alfred, I don’t think you are anti-Semitic. I am wondering though: why did you leave your UN post?


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