Cycling is a mode of Being

Carla and I happily arrived at destination on Friday 21 sept 4pm


after 1404 km on the bike from Geneva

19 days of discovery, little rain, stong headwinds (sometimes between 7 and 9), no flat tires, super nice people on the way

Wonderful churches, stainedglass windows, castles, city halls, Roman ruins

Managed to swim in the Aare, Rhein, lakes, swimming pools etc

No accidents


Te Deum laudamus!


Thank the Heavens for the urge to travel,

Meet old cultures, watch world history unravel:

Silk road, trade routes, rivers, channels, market places,

Hoary ruins, vestiges of gods and races.


Cycling is a mode of Being,

Vital logic for dynamic living,

Crossing landscapes and linguistic fences,

Making new encounters, fresh experiences.



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1 thought on “Cycling is a mode of Being

  1. What a Great journey you had! You must have done a lot of research to find routes that were not dangerous. E.g. did you cycle sometimes with cars speeding by beside you? To many more fascinating cycle trips! Livia

    My other address works better:


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