The Netherlands has almost everything

« Denkend aan Holland zie ik brede rivieren… » Martin Marksman.  Indeed, Holland has almost everything – rivers, lakes, canals, sea, sandy beaches, sandsculptures, sailboats, surfers, dunes, hiking paths, endless skies, Hanseatic towns, churches, chapels, monasteries, stainedglass windows, Hugo Grotius’ book chest, castles surrounded by moats (without crocodiles), Slot Loevenstein, Roman ruins, lighthouses, windmills, forests, farms, wheatfields, heather, deep dark clouds, rain storms, wide open spaces, museums, all kinds of art, Keukenhof gardens, Klompen, flowers upon flowers, tulips, white hortensias, daffodils, butterflies, deer, goats, sheep, seals, pancakes, asparagus, ginger, stroopwaffels, Grolsch beer, herring, modest hills in the East, the Vaalsefberg (all of 322.4 m), orange sunsets, universities, bicycles galore, and CHEESE  – in short, a wonderful vacation land !  Just spent 5 weeks rediscovering it !

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