Cycling is a mode of Being!


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The right to freedom of movement, the right to health, the right to cycle are all worth promoting.

Beginning of August my wife and I cycled from our chalet in the mountains of Oberwallis downhill to Geneva, 240 kilometers — which we comfortably negotiated at 80 kilometers per day.  Undoubtedly cycling is one of the healthiest of sports — especially when combined with a visit to the thermal baths at Saillon and refreshing jumps in the lakes near Sierre, Sion, Le Bouveret, Evian and Amphion les Bains.  We had glorious weather.  A visit to the Abbey of St. Maurice was particularly uplifting — considering it has been there since the year 514 and that religious services have been held there every day for 1500 years.  Carpe diem. Carpe noctem.

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