Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Palestine, Thursday 27 May 2021

Statement delivered on behalf of the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities by Alfred de Zayas

Distinguished Chairperson, Delegates

IHRAAM is committed to the implementation of article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which stipulates the right of self-determination of all peoples, including the Palestinian people.

Since 1947 the United Nations has a special responsibility to facilitate a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, entailing full respect of international law and pertinent UN pronouncements, including Security Council resolution 242 of 22 November 1967 and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice of 9 July 2004, which held that international human rights treaties had been breached by Israel and formulated solutions that hitherto have not been implemented. 

There can be no just solution for the peoples of Israel and Palestine unless international law is enforced.  This Council must insist on the implementation of the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Professor Michael Lynk.

IHRAAM further endorses the recent report of Human Rights Watch and calls upon Israel to stop its policies of land-grabbing and eviction of Palestinians from their homes, which are contrary to article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Red Cross Convention and contrary to articles 7 and 8 of the Statute of Rome.

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2 thoughts on “Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Palestine, Thursday 27 May 2021

  1. Congratulations! Ever active for what matters.


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